The Problem With Presidential Debates

Presidential debates might be entertaining but they’re not substantive [].


Last night, Fox Business Channel conducted the 6th Republican debate LIVE from the North Charleston Coliseum and Performing Arts Center in South Carolina.  Moderators Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo questioned 2016 presidential hopefuls in what was a spirited debate about tax reform, gun rights, foreign policy and immigration.  The night saw Donald Trump and Ted Cruz spar on the Texas Senator’s eligibility while Chris Christie responded to harsh comments from a Rubio PAC.

While many of the scuffles were entertaining, the debate lacked one important aspect.


Cavuto and Bartiromo never asked the candidates about substantive issues related to civil liberties, monetary policy or their views on auditing the Federal Reserve.  They never asked the candidates about how to handle the coming financial collapse nor did they inquire about the European rape epidemic and its direct correlation to Muslim “refugees.”

The republican presidential candidates never shared their views on the arbitrary no-gun/no-fly list supported by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and various RINO conservatives.

Last night highlighted the biggest problem with presidential debates, they don’t actually matter.  The mainstream media never asks about the issues paramount to our future as a nation.  Instead, we get petty arguments, a lot of carefully articulated rhetoric and robotic monologues that sound like they came straight from an establishment memo.

This nation is facing an existential crisis as evidenced by the free-falling economy, the open borders, the attack on the 2nd amendment, the eradication of privacy rights, the poison in the food and water, the crony capitalism, the dangerous vaccines, the broken education system, the crumbling infrastructure, the drums of war and the globalist takeover.

Case in point, people have grown tired of political pomposity and they want to hear detailed policy positions.

The problem with presidential debates is that they don’t reflect the anger felt by everyday Americans who don’t trust their own government and feel congress is completely out-of-touch.  Last night’s episode of political theater was a profound example of the mainstream media sacrificing substance in favor of reality television.

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