CDC Hiding Vaccine-Autism Link

1999 report proves CDC is hiding vaccine-autism link.  

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In 1999, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted an experiment in which researchers examined the medical records of 400,000 children and saw a 760% increase in diagnoses of autism in children who had 25 micrograms of mercury in their systems.

The children had received the mercury from vaccines as infants.

The CDC reportedly spent the next three years attempting to manipulate the data in order to make it appear benign.

They failed.

In a desperate attempt to suppress the truth, the organization fired then lead researcher Dr. William Thompson and replaced him with someone who could alter the data enough to brainwash the public.

Dr. Thompson has since been granted federal whistleblower status after releasing the following statement:

“CDC is paralyzed, the whole system is paralyzed, the whole branch is paralyzed, and it’s becoming MORE paralyzed, and there is less and less and less being done as the place just comes to a grinding halt…The CDC has put the research 10 years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed ten years of research, because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism…. Really what we need is for Congress to come in and say, ‘Give us the data’, and we are going to have an independent contractor do it (rather than CDC investigating themselves) and bring in the autism advocates and have them intimately involved in the study….. You know, I have a boss who is asking me to lie. If I were forced to testify or something like that – if it comes through legitimate channels and I’m forced to answer questions – I’m not going to lie. I have basically stopped lying.”   Source

You can read the CDC’s original findings here.

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