Muslim “Refugees” Now Responsible For Over 500 Assaults In Germany

European rape epidemic growing worse by the day, victim count from New Year’s Eve attack now at 500.  


Image courtesy of the BBC

Breitbart London reported Sunday that the city of Cologne, Germany has now registered over 500 sexual assaults/rapes on New Year’s Eve.

On 1/9, law enforcement in Cologne stated that 379 attacks had occurred in the city on New Year’s Eve, but the number recently jumped to a whole new level:

The new figures came as German authorities were urged to find out whether the series of New Year’s Eve sexual assaults and robberies in Cologne were linked to similar crimes in other cities.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas told the Bild newspaper on Sunday that he was convinced the attacks were pre-arranged.

“If such a horde gathers in order to commit crimes, that appears in some form to be planned,” he said. “Nobody can tell me that this was not co-ordinated or prepared.”

Authorities and witnesses say the attackers were among about 1,000 people, mostly men, who congregated at Cologne’s central train station before breaking off into small groups that molested and robbed women.

Police investigating the attacks say they are concentrating their inquiries mainly on suspects of North African origin.  BBC

Attacks have also occurred in Hamburg, Austria, Sweden, Paris and Zurich according to Breitbart London.

Evidence suggests that Muslim migrants committed a vast majority of the latest sex assaults that have been reported across Europe.  In what can only be described as a ming boggling response, Merkel recently said that Germans ought to just accept the crime that comes with importing illegals from the Middle East.

In addition, stupid feminists have called for a “curfew” for men in order to curb the European rape epidemic instead of admitting that opening the borders to Muslim “refugees” (otherwise known as “rapeugees” as a result of recent events) lead to the problem in the first place.

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