Daily Star: Financial Crash is Imminent

Daily Star reports that global financial crash of epic proportions is imminent.  

Rory McKeown of The Daily Star reported on 1/10 that a global financial meltdown could be on the horizon.  McKeown said that top economists have predicted that 2016 could be the year of a massive global recession.

According to various experts, the upcoming crash might be dramatically worse than 2008. In fact, some have speculated that it could surpass the Great Depression of the 1920s.

“Political analyst and author Thom Hartmann released a book titled The Crash of 2016: The Plot to Destroy America – and What We Can Do to Stop It.

Hartmann gives a stark warning of what’s in store over the next 12 months as the world’s developed nations repeat “the mistakes of the 1920s, the 1850s, and the 1760s”.

The 64-year-old predicted 2016 would be the year of a “gut-wrenching Great Crash”, leading to social disorder and even war.

Hartmann predicted the crash would be spearheaded by major businesses in the west.

He claims massive companies are sitting on trillions of pounds in cash without doing anything with it.” Source

Expert Tom Hartmann claimed in his book that the financial elite know what’s about to hit us and have been preparing while intentionally blinding the general public to the facts.

“The billionaires are preparing for a series of economic shocks on the horizon, probably beginning in Europe and spreading across the planet, eventually toppling the United States.” Source

Hartmann even speculated that elites are currently building huge cities at “breakneck speed” for their own asylum as China continues to gamble with its economy.

Crash of 2016 book

Hartmann’s new book

Whether you believe his claims or not, it seems evident that something is going to happen by the end of this year (if not, sooner).  The question is, what have you done to prepare?

Reading articles like this and visiting websites like this will help you understand the urgency of the situation we’re in and why it is prudent to be plugged into current events along with the latest economic news from top experts.

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