Sex Assault Victim Thanks Trump For Highlighting Clintons’ War On Women

Kathleen Willey, one of Bill’s sexual assault victims, thanks Trump for bringing her story to the limelight.  


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Kathleen Willey who alleged that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted her, spoke on the radio yesterday to broadcast a message to other victims of Bill’s sexual assault/rape.

She didn’t hold back:

I would just like to encourage any woman who has suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton to please try to find the courage and bravery to come forth. Because it’s okay now. Nobody can hurt you now. It’s as simple as that.

Nobody can touch you now. The word is out. You will be okay but you will be doing the right thing for all the right reasons and you will be helping your fellow sisters.  Source

Willey called for Hillary Clinton to take a lie detector test in order to answer questions about whether she aided and abetted her husband by physically and psychologically threatening his victims into silence.  Willey then encouraged Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who recently brought the Clintons’ war on women to the forefront of political discourse.

Willey also referenced Bill’s association with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender who Clinton kept a close relationship with for years.

I think the next question he should ask Hillary is: “Mrs. Clinton, is it okay with you that your husband flies around in private jets with a convicted pedophile to a private island called ‘Orgy Island’ and be entertained by underage girls? The real word for that is pedophilia and human trafficking. Is that okay with you?”  Source

Breitbart posted the entire interview which you can listen to here.

Regardless of where you stand politically, evidence suggests that Hillary was complicit in protecting her husband despite his disgusting criminal behavior. Whether leftists want to admit it or not, a large number of them support a women who not only conducted Justice Department business on a personal server (a violation of federal law) and refused to provide aid in Benghazi, they’re supporting a candidate who did everything within her power to silence Bill’s victims for the purpose of saving her ticket to power.

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