Feminists Silent About Actual Rape Culture in Germany

Leftist social justice warriors tight lipped about Muslim rape epidemic in Germany.

Women shout slogans and hold up a placard that reads "Against Sexism - Against Racism" as they march through Cologne.

Feminists in Germany protest against “sexism” and “racism” instead of open borders.  Image courtesy of Reuters

On New Year’s Eve, 1,000 Muslim migrants reportedly assaulted 90 women in Cologne, Germany.  Local police chief Wolfgang Albers described the incident as “a completely new dimension of crime.”

Feminists haven’t responded.

The same social justice warriors in Europe who supported open borders haven’t said a word about the current rape epidemic that has overtaken Germany.  Instead, they recently marched across cities in an effort to stage “anti-racist” and “anti-sexist” protests…for no apparent reason.

Justice Minister Heiko Maas of the Social Democratic Party in Germany has quickly shut down opposition to open borders and mass immigration policies.  Rather than blaming the Muslim migrants for their disgusting behavior, Maas has done everything within his power to downplay the connection – even going as far as demanding Facebook to restrict free speech.

Furthermore, Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker recently issued  guidelines for women on how to avoid being raped.

Wait a minute.


For those that don’t know, feminists have incessantly whined about “victim blaming” on their blogs and social media accounts for years – yet they haven’t said a word about this situation.  Evidently, it only counts on college campuses and not when German authorities blame women for being raped by Muslim migrants.

Angela Merkel’s administration, together with the governments of the pro-mass immigration federal states, have done nothing to credibly increase police funding and resources, maintain systems to register and monitor migrant arrivals, or enforce any semblance of integration into and conformity with German culture. Communities that arrived in Germany from the 1970s have not been properly held to account, let alone the hundreds of thousands arriving in 2015. Source

It’s evident that feminists care more about indoctrinating women into their deranged cult than genuine women’s rights issues.  In addition, it’s apparent that opening the borders to Syrian refugees not only lead to the attacks in Paris but also the large scale rape epidemic that is sweeping across Europe like wildfire.

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