These Companies Spent Millions To Block Your Right To Know About GMOs

List of corporate giants who spent millions to ban common sense GMO labeling.  


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Food corporations spent millions on lobbyists in the first half of 2015.


They fought for the DARK (Deny Americans The Right to Know) act which recently passed through the senate.

This source compiled a list of the corporations that spent innumerable amounts of money in order to block Americans from knowing about GMOs:

–  Coca-Cola: $5,040,000
–  PepsiCo: $3,230,000
–  Kraft: $1,180,000
–  Kellogg’s: $1,310,000
–  General Mills: $1,100,000
–  Land O’Lakes: $720,000  Source

Corporate spending overwhelmed GMO labeling advocate group Just Label It , who fought vociferously for our right to know about the food we consume on a daily basis.

They produced video interviews (posted below) with celebrity mothers regarding their concern with the DARK act and not knowing about GMOs in the food supply.