Google’s Most Searched Terms Of 2015 Prove That Society Is Lost And Confused

Most searched terms include questions about transgenders and the color of a dress.  


Google recently released a “feel good video” encompassing some monumental moments from 2015 along with it’s so-called “most searched terms” of the year.

The terms were:

How can I help the refugees?

Why can’t women be army rangers?

What does the confederate flag stand for?

How can we overcome prejudice?

Why was there a Cuban embargo?

What color is the dress?

How can the world find peace?

Are you born transgender?

How can we rebuild Nepal?

Other than the depressing list of search terms (bolded above), the video also showed propaganda clips of:  Cecil the lion, the unconstitutional supreme court ruling on same-sex marriage, Black Lives Matter protests, the globalist Pope Francis meeting with Dictator Obama, the “stunning and brave” Bruce/Caitlin Jenner winning a Woman of the Year award and refugees arriving from boats.

If this load of crap doesn’t scream social conditioning, I don’t know what does.

Evidently, we used Google in 2015 to clamor for females in the military, honor confused men who dress as women for their “bravery” and push for  open borders in order to flood the U.S. with Muslim refugees without a vetting process.

That’s depressing.

Liberals, who regularly scream about the separation of church and state when it comes to marriage, welcomed the leader of the Catholic church into the White House with open arms in 2015 and also offered the globalist praise everywhere on the internet.


In all honesty, the video made me want to vomit especially after thinking about the atrocities that have occurred in this year.

Thankfully, it’s not too late to take this country back!  Stand up for the truth and what is right!  Be vigilant especially when faced with the deception of the New World Order.  Analyze everything and the message behind it.

I’m here to tell you – multinational corporations shouldn’t think for you.  Google’s most search terms of 2015 revealed that our society has been brainwashed and lead astray by intentionally distorted misinformation perpetuated by the mainstream media.

I pray that the list includes more terms about the constitution, liberty, limited government and major geopolitical issues in 2016.  Case in point, I pray that society wakes up next year and uses the internet to help restore this republic and fight back against the criminals that have hijacked our government.



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