Rand Paul Wipes The Floor With RINO Rubio At Debate

Rand Paul schools Rubio on surveillance.  

RINO Rubio and Rand Paul sparred over surveillance and data collection at last night’s CNN-hosted GOP debate.  The presidential contenders battled over the constitutionality of NSA spying.

Rubio didn’t seem to understand that spying on law abiding Americans is not a conservative standpoint.  How can you be for dragnet surveillance and for small government at the same time?  Unconstitutional spying is the antithesis of small government.

Rand Paul once again revealed that dragnet surveillance has caught a total of ZERO suspected terrorists.

That’s because it’s not about keeping America safe, it’s about a big brother control grid designed to monitor the population.

The Kentucky Senator wiping the floor with RINO Rubio was one of the top highlights from last night’s debate.


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