ISIS Shows Off American-Made Weapons In New Video

Radical Islamic terrorists likely thanking Obama for weapons made in the United States.  


ISIS recently released a new propaganda video showcasing a plethora of American-made tanks, combat rifles and artillery.

AntiMedia published an article yesterday detailing the Obama administration arming Al-Qauda/Al-Nasra groups that evolved into ISIS.  The United States reportedly supplied “moderate” rebel groups with American-made weaponry in an attempt to overthrow Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, a secular anti-ISIS leader.

According to CNN:

“ISIS has also gained access to weapons from other sources through the capture or sale of Syrian military stocks supplied to armed opposition groups in Syria by countries including Turkey, the Gulf States and the U.S.,”

Arming rebels directly lead to the rise of ISIS, but that isn’t stopping the Obama administration from committing to arm even more Syrian opposition groups. 

Naturally, the president is pushing to fund the same “moderate” rebels who turned out to be terrorists in order to topple the secular Assad despite the fact that his regime is fighting radical terrorism.

As Rand Paul eloquently pointed out, Obama doesn’t have the right to lecture Trump about being “qualified” when his reckless unAmerican foreign policy lead to the rise of the Islamic State.  THIS is the guy lecturing us about guns.  THIS is the guy lecturing Trump about presidential qualifications.  THIS is the piece of trash that wants to open the borders to the same radical Islamists HE funded and armed.

ISIS militants are undoubtedly thanking our president for his help while brutally murdering their next Christian victim with yet another American-made weapon, and the war-profiteers are laughing all the way to the bank.

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