Government “No-Fly List” An Excuse To Disarm Innocent Americans

Law abiding citizens end up on “no-fly” list without knowing why.  


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The Obama Administration recently defended the use of its no-fly list as a predictive method of security.  In reality, the measure deprives Americans of their constitutional rights without due process.

According to this source, 47,000 people, 800 of which are American citizens, are on the no-fly list.   President Obama has failed to explain how individuals could end up on the list which he said should bar Americans from owning firearms.  There is no information on the procedures involved with the system or the accuracy of the predictive method used to monitor “terrorists” .

This source confirmed that there are serious concerns about the reliability and fairness of the security measure due to its potential for “arbitrary and discriminatory use”.

Worse, Obama is insisting that anyone on the list should have their 2nd amendment rights revoked – despite the fact that nobody knows the extent to which the system is targeting innocent people.

Without due process, it’s impossible to challenge the government’s guessing game. They could put you or anyone else on their gun grab list for any of the following reasons:

1. You could raise “reasonable suspicion” — even on a social media platform — that you are involved in terrorist activity. No concrete proof is necessary.

2. Someone else could think you are a potential terror threat. (“If you see something, say something.”)

3. You could slightly resemble a terrorist in some way, or you could know someone — even just an acquaintance — who might be linked to terrorism.

4. You could just be unlucky — people with the same or similar names as people who are already on the no-fly list have been barred from air travel on occasion.  Source

This is, at its core, an arbitrary database comprised of names that could be submitted by anyone.


It is a highly subjective, questionable, fascist security system President Obama is obviously using to disarm innocent Americans who have not been accused or convicted of any crime whatsoever.

Evidently the president, who was a supposed “constitutional law professor” in his prime, forgot about the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

He doesn’t seem to understand that depriving American citizens of a constitutional right (confirmed at least six times by the Supreme Court) based on pure conjecture is not only illegal, it’s disgusting.

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