San Bernardino Shooting: A False Flag?

This one looks highly suspicious today…

San Bernardino police officer shot

A shooting occurred at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California today that appears to be highly suspicious.

According to this source – the incident is mired with inconsistencies that might point towards a false flag operation conducted by the feds designed to demonize gun owners, Tea Party conservatives and libertarians.

Reports indicated that the suspects escaped mere moments after the shooting in a black SUV.  As of 6:00 PM eastern, there have been no reported motives for the attack and no information on the shooters.

Authorities held an active shooter drill in Victorville, California several days before the incident.

In addition, the event occurred on the same day of a House vote that blocked a draconian bill aimed at revoking the 2nd amendment rights of individuals on a government “no fly” list.

Nobody knows who would qualify for that list.

Liberals jumped at the opportunity to push for gun control seconds after the shooting:



The San Bernardino shooting will promote leftist agendas, it occurred on the same day as Trump’s appearance on Alex Jones, an important House of Representatives vote on gun rights and several days after an active shooter drill in a neighboring city.

Case in point, it smells fishy.

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