Ted Cruz: Obama Can’t Have Our God Or Our Guns

Cruz speaks out against Obama at Iowa rally on Friday.  


Cruz had some harsh words for President Obama at The Family Leader’s Presidential Family Forum in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday.

The Republican presidential candidate said Obama was tearing the fabric of society apart by attacking America’s freedom of religion guaranteed under the 1st amendment.

“It is the first right protected in the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. It is the foundation of everything else in America. If you can’t worship God, all other liberties are taken away.”  Source

Cruz also shared his frustrations about Obama’s 2008 comment that American’s were “clinging to their God and their guns”:

“When Barack Obama in San Francisco talks about the American people back in 2008 (as) bitter and angry and clinging to our God and our guns — well, we’re not bitter, we are getting pretty angry. And, you know what, he can’t have either our God or our guns.”

Cruz revealed that he will not hesitate to defend our 2nd amendment rights. He also showed great conviction and willingness to stand up for Christians who support the ability to protect themselves.

Recent polls indicate that Cruz is surging among likely GOP voters probably due to his strong conservative/libertarian viewpoints.

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