Obama Denies Aslyum For More Christians Than Muslims

United States refuses more Christians seeking asylum than Muslims, on average.  


Barack Obama reportedly denied asylum to dozens of Christians who escaped ISIS, Newsmax reports.

According to The Daily Mail, the United States accepted 727 Christians in 2015, compared to over 4,200 Muslims.

Christian Freedom International director Lisa Jones recently explained to The Daily Mail that despite being a smaller demographic, Christians are regularly persecuted more often than Muslims – yet they receive 1/10th of the help.

“It makes no sense,” Jones said.  “These are people from a Christian culture like our own that needs protection from ISIS. It is harder for Christians to move around Iraq and Syria to even get the chance to seek asylum. “While many more Muslims are granted asylum over here, Christians are being systematically exterminated.”

Christians in Iraq and Syria have been threatened by Islamic terrorists to either convert or die.

Despite facing more persecution than Muslims, many Christians have been turned away despite being sponsored by family members inside the United States.

“They have family members, also Christians, who are willing to take them in. It used to be that that would be a huge help. It’s not clear why they, of all people, are being turned away while others are accepted.”  Source

The only possible motive for this injustice is that Christian migrants do not fit with the globalist agenda for civil unrest. Flooding the U.S. with Muslim refugees by contrast will lead to chaos, which is what the establishment wants.


Because out of chaos, fascism reigns.

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