Breaking: Vaccines Now Mandatory For Veterans

The Senate just passed a bill that would require vaccinations for all veterans immediately.

Marines march in 2011 New York Veterans Day Parade

This new legislation extended a law that mandated vaccinations for current military personnel to now include veterans.

A Bill has just passed the US Senate, mandating that the US Department of Veteran Affairs ensure that all veterans receive immunizations (vaccines) per a draconian schedule. At this juncture, active military must receive over a dozen vaccines. This piece of legislation is therefore an effort to extend the vaccine mandate to those who have previously served their country.

Sec. 101 of Senate Bill 1203, named the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act,

states that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be tasked with the mandate to “ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.”  Source

Vaxxter reports that veterans could also be subject to experimental vaccines without limits on the substances being injected into them.

According to the establishment, unvaccinated veterans are a threat to “national security” due to the “potential exposure” of former military personnel to “significant health risks.”

Their justification doesn’t make sense.

Vaccines are poison and have been proven to be useless at preventing disease, yet the government is mandating them on “national security” grounds while subsequently opening the borders to potential terrorists.

The agenda is clear, they’re pushing new draconian vaccination laws in order to incapacitate our veterans and ruin their ability to fight back against an authoritarian takeover.

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