Reporters Harassed In Muslim “No-Go” Zone In Europe

Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Joe Biggs cussed at by locals in a “no-go” ghetto in Europe.  

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Journalists Paul Joseph Watson and Joe Biggs recently traveled to Molenbeek, Belgium in order to learn more about one of the alleged Paris attackers.

They were greeted with hatred and hostility.

“As we walked out we had a car come by, (they) started screaming and shouting at us,” Biggs said.

Watson expressed frustration at leftist social justice warriors who insist that “no-go” zones don’t exist:

“This is known as the ‘Jihadist capital’ of Europe and it’s known as a muslim ‘no-go’ ghetto for a reason, because it is.  And I’m basically sick to the back teeth of the left-wing pretending, hiding behind political correctness and saying these Muslim ‘no-go’ areas don’t exist.  They do exist, try going to one.”

The reporter also said “we were harassed, we were flipped off, we were screamed at” without provocation.

The journalists weren’t even allowed to walk into a nearby restaurant.  “We tried to go into a restaurant and the guy outside basially said ‘no white people allowed at this restuaraunt,'” Watson said.   “So our ‘white privilidge’ didn’t count for much in Molenbeek , Belgium”

Muslim ghettos have been responsible for cultivating several terrorists  who later attacked cities around the world.

Paul Watson and Joe Biggs proved that these places do exist, they’re real, they’re dangerous, and they’re not just fabricated conspiracy theories.

You can view their official report below:

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