Feds Take $4.5 Billion Worth Of Private Property In 2014

Number increases by 4,667 percent since 1986.  

According to this source, the Department of Justice took $4.5 billion in private property in 2014 as a result of civil and criminal asset forfeitures.  The property included Americans’ cash, cars and homes.

From 1997 to 2013 – 87 percent of government forfeitures were civil while 13 percent were criminal.

Current civil asset forfeiture laws allow for the government to steal private property on the merit of some type of criminal activity associated with the property owner.

No convictions are required.

Free Beacon reports that proceeds from the sale of private property over the years have been used by the federal government.

The Justice Department took $93.7 million worth of property in 1986, a number that jumped to $4.5 billion in 2014 – a 4,667 percent increase.

“Civil forfeiture threatens the constitutional rights of all Americans. Using civil forfeiture, the government can take your home, business, cash, car or other property on the mere suspicion that it is somehow connected to criminal activity—and without ever convicting or even charging you with a crime.”  Source

Angela Erickson, who works as a senior research analyst for the Institute of Justice, believes the time has come to abolish civil asset forfeiture:

“Civil forfeiture needs to be completely abolished. Short of that, the federal government should reform its laws by requiring a criminal conviction and eliminating the profit incentive that allows law enforcement to fill their coffers.”  Source

Policing for profit has grown out of control.  The skyrocketing forfeiture rate is an alarming statistic, one that threatens the constitutional rights of Americans nationwide.

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