TSA Agents Caught Smuggling Coccaine

Three former TSA agents indicted on charges of defrauding the government and smuggling cocaine.  


Former TSA agents Joseph Scott, Michael Cataneda and Jessica Scott allegedly transprted drugs through airport security according to this source.

Investigators exposed the smuggling by conducting sting operations between May 2013 and April 2014. The investigation revealed that TSA officials allowed cocaine to pass through security.

The Department of Justice released the following press release:

The indictment alleges that the three defendants conspired to use their positions as Transportation Security Officers to allow passengers to smuggle real and simulated cocaine through airport security checkpoints. The defendants all were assigned to SFO. The defendants arranged for passengers carrying narcotics in their carry-on luggage to pass through the x-ray machine at a security checkpoint line without adequately screening the luggage for explosives, incendiaries, weapons, or other threats to security. Through the use of confidential sources and undercover agents, law enforcement discovered that defendants made these arrangements for a fee on five occasions between May 2013 and April 2014.

The indictment further alleges that, once the passenger carrying drugs or simulated drugs arrived at the security checkpoint lane, s/he was directed or escorted to a particular security line. On that line, one of the defendants was either operating or overseeing the operation of the x-ray machine. The defendant operating or overseeing the x-ray machine either knew the carry-on baggage contained narcotics, viewed images that suggested the need for secondary inspection, or both. Nevertheless, in each instance, the defendant responsible for the x-ray machine failed to call for a secondary screening of the baggage or alert law enforcement or a supervisor to the presence of suspected narcotics. In each case, the drugs and simulated drugs were smuggled as part of undercover operations performed by the Drug Enforcement Administration and TSA-Office of Inspection designed to determine the scope and nature of the conspiracy.  Source

The suspects were indicted on November 9th and will be faced with a myriad of charges.

Homeland Security tests in June confirmed that TSA checkpoints failed to create a secure environment for flyers.  Since then, it has become increasingly clear that airport checkpoints were designed to control the population under the guise of safety.

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