Syrian Refugees Arrive In New Orleans

Syrian migrants resettled into 180 communities.  


With the country rapidly reaching $20 trillion in federal debt, resettling each of the 10,000 new Syrian refugees will cost $16,000 per person.

Muslims who recently arrived in the New Orleans area are currently awaiting strategic relocation.

According to The Hayride, refugees are expected to be settled in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Metairie.  Approximately 180 cities in the country are eligible to accept up to 10,000 Islamic migrants.

The following is page one of 35 of a U.S. Refugee Public Affiliate Directory:


This is a deliberate attempt to destabilize the United States just as the elites have done to Europe.  Migrants have been caught, on record, complaining about TVs, being “bored” and complaining about a lack of money for smoking.  Cases of rape have skyrocketed in countries like Sweden who opened their borders for “humanitarian” aid.

Get ready America, that’s coming here.

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