Department Of Agriculture Sued For Witholding Info On GMOs

Center for Food Safety sues Department of Agriculture for withholding information on the lack of safety of GMO crops.  

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The CFS recently filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), claiming that APHIS violated FOIA by ignoring requests for information on genetically engineered crops.

CFS alleges that the government unlawfully delayed FOIA requests which prevented the public from being informed about information regarding GMOs.

APHIS, in fact, delays FOIA requests on a regular basis.  Out of 29 cases, two appeals and 10 different requests were ignored.

Cristina Stella of the Center for Food Safety said:

“APHIS has a track record of irresponsible and inadequate regulation of GE crops. In the absence of thorough government oversight, public access to information about these crops becomes all the more critical. This lawsuit is necessary to stop APHIS from continuing to ignore its duty to provide the public with information that affects farmers, communities, and the environment.”  Source

APHIS has been accused of failing to regulate GE crops in order to stymie GMO cross-contamination.

Stella continues:

“The longer APHIS fails to use its full authority to regulate the environmental and agricultural harms from GE crops, such as transgenic contamination of nearby crops, pesticide drift, and endangerment of protected species, the more these harms will occur. CFS has been seeking information about these harms for over ten years—and for over ten years, APHIS has continually ignored our requests. It cannot continue to do so.”

This is reportedly the fourth time CFS had to sue for APHIS to comply with their FOIA requests.

The biotech industry regularly cloaks itself in secrecy to hide the harmful effects of GM foods from the public.  It’s more important than ever to read articles like this in order to expose the criminal Monsanto organization for mercilessly poising our food supply.

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