New Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton’s Complicity In Ambassador Stevens’ Death

Evidence from House Select Committee on Benghazi suggests Hillary Clinton was clearly responsible for the death of ambassador Chris Stevens.  

The State Department released 1,300 pages of emails from murdered ambassador Chris Stevens two days before the House Select committee scheduled an interview with Hillary Clinton.

One of the emails revealed the ambassador was pleading with the State Department for more security in the Benghazi region.

He was ignored.

Stevens said he needed 13 security personnel but the request was swiftly denied by Clinton’s debuty Patrick Kennedy, despite more than 243 security incidents occuring in Libya in 2012.

These incidents included an assassination attempt, an attack on the Red Cross and an attack on the walls of the Benghazi diplomatic compound.

Clinton chose to leave Stevens with only a handful of security personnel, essentially leaving the group to fend for themselves in a terrorist sanctuary known as Benghazi.

Evidence suggests that Clinton attempted to cover-up the Benghazi attack but her emails revealed the truth about what actually happened in the region.

Ambassador Stevens’ emails should be declassified for the general public to fully understand the consequences of Hillary’s inaction in Benghazi.  It’s prudent for Americans everywhere to recognize that Clinton was, in fact, responsible for the loss of life in Libya.

More importantly, it’s important for the public to understand that Hillary’s emails irrefutably prove that Clinton’s State Department willfully left Americans in a terrorist haven without protection.  Her state department subsequently failed to cover up the real story.

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Benjamin Knight
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