Christian Leader Invites Islamists To Dinner, They Reply “We’ll Chop Your Head Off”

Christian leader tries to make peace with Islamic leaders, gets threatened as a result.  

Canon Andrew White recently spoke with this media outlet about his experience with the Islamic state.  The Christian leader reportedly invited Islamic Leaders to dinner in order to promote dialogue as opposed to violence.

It backfired.

White concluded that it’s impossible to negotiate with radical Islamists:

“You can’t negotiate with them. I have never said that about another group of people. These are really so different, so extreme, so radical, so evil.”  Source

Andrew White was faced with unspeakable evil and he responded with peace. “I invited the leaders of ISIS for dinner. I am a great believer in that. I have asked some of the worst people ever to eat with me,” he said.

The Islamic State responded with hate and hostility.

They said, “You can invite us to dinner, but we’ll chop your head off.”

White said there used to be 1.5 million Christians in Iraq but the number has since been reduced to 260,000.

It’s genocide.

White realized the hard way that radical Islamism is devoid of all morality. “The only answer is to radically destroy them,” he said.

You can read more about his story here.

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