Top Five Most Corrupt Bills Passed By Congress

Jennifer Briney reveals the top 5 most corrupt bills passed by congress.  

Jennifer Briney, who reads every bill passed by congress and pays close attention to congressional hearings, laid out five of the most corrupt bills she’s seen passed on Jesse Ventura’s “Off The Grid” TV show.

These bills should help contextualize the phrase, “our government is corrupt.”

#5. Stock Act of 2013

This bill was passed after a “60 Minutes” television report on insider trading by government officials.  The Stock Act would have prevented corruption in the stock market by publicizing financial statements in Washington.

It was gutted with one simple change:

disclosures will no longer be practically available for all employees but only for the elected officials, which means staffers, lobbyists, employees, aides and anyone who works for or is close to a serving politician can do whatever they want. Corrupt officials could theoretically still dish insider info with little fear of discovery — it’s just hard for them to trade off of the information themselves.  Source

The level of transparency proposed in the bill would have flushed out conflicts of interest within government.  This rule change quietly destroyed the spirit of the Stock Act and rendered it useless.

 #4. Campaign Donations:

Congress attached a little side-note to a 2015 funding law that expanded the amount of money rich people could donate to politicians.

The amount went from $32,000 per person to $130,000.

On the impact of this change, citizen journalist Jennifer Briney said on Jesse Ventura’s “Off The Grid” that it “allows a rich couple to give $260,000 per year.”

Otherwise known as a half million dollars per election cycle.

Briney continued, “had that not signed into law the government would have shut down, so it was able to be slipped in without any debate or anything”

#3: The Poor Get Pooorer

In April 2015, the House of Representatives passed two bills that allowed banks and mobile home sellers to charge more interest.  It effectively attacked poor Americans.

“The thing is that it’s about mobile homes,” said Briney.   “So it’s raising interest fees on people that have the least amount of money.”

#2: Illegal Government Spying

The general public thought a June 2015 bill called the “USA Freedom Act” would end NSA data collection.

It didn’t.

The act actually gave immunity and unlimited funding to private corporations such as Verizon and AT&T to spy on Americans, store their data, and turn it over at the government’s discretion.

The bill also extended section 2015 of the Patriot Act until 2019 and modernized it to account for more technologically advanced devices. It allowed government to access more information from landlines, VoIP calls, video chats and smartphones.

Furthermore, the “USA Freedom Act” allowed government to pay big corporations to circumvent privacy laws by handing over private data without the owner’s consent, a direct violation of the 4th amendment.

“They just privatized the storage of our data,” Briney told Ventura.  “Your telecom companies now store your records and they get paid by the government to turn them over”

“There’s a provision in there that says the government can use illegally obtained information against us in court as long as they stop doing whatever illegal thing they were doing,” Briney said.   “I see this having huge ramifications on all kinds of laws”

#1: HR 992

This bill changed the Dodd Frank Reform Law in order to expand the number of banks eligible for government bailouts.  It eliminated rules that prevented banks from making risky bets with your money.

According to Jennifer Briney, HR 992 never got a vote in the senate, it was instead attached to the 2015 budget which was must-sign legislation.

Briney revealed on “Off The Grid” that the bill was attached by a representative who has taken over $700,000 from the financial industry.

How’s that for corruption?

Jennifer Briney is an average American who stays informed on issues that matter.  Her independent investigations have substantiated the importance of holding our government’s feet to the fire.

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