Female Journalist Assaulted By Radical Islamists In Stockholm

Residents of “no go” zone assault Swedish journalist for no reason.  


Breitbart reports that a Swedish journalist had stones thrown at her by residents of a Swedish “no go” zone.  She was working on a story about police being assaulted in the area.

“They thought we crossed the limit and that we were standing on their land,” journalist Valentina Xhaferi told Swedish newspaper Expressen.  Source

Stockholm’s district of Tensta saw its foreign population skyrocket over 70 percent after Sweden opened its borders to migrants.

Journalist Valentina Xhaferi tried to investigate reports that officers patrolling the district were assaulted with rocks. She reportedly tried to understand what was bothering the residents.

It backfired.

A local who was visibly upset started assaulting Xhaferi:

“Then he became very, very angry and said he’ll get stones and show us what stoning is. When I saw that he was armed with a stone I just wanted to get out of there,” said Ms Xhaferi.

“It was impossible to calm them down. I pulled back and tried to calm down everyone, while trying to get my colleague and myself out of there.”

“I become very anxious and had a feeling that the situation was going to explode. That’s when the guy threw a stone at us.”  Source

Sources say that 55 areas in Sweden are similar to Tensta’s “no go” zone, which has a largely foreign population of immigrants, many of whom are violent.

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