Radical Islamists Paint “Convert Or Die” On Christian Restaurant

Christian business owners in Gothenburg, Sweden woke up to a chilling “convert or die” message spray painted by radical Islamists, Brietbart reports. 


The Assyrian Christian Asmar family woke up to a chilling message on their pizza parlour after radical Islamists vandalized their property with red paint.

The message said “convert or die”.

These events became common in Sweden after the country adopted an open door immigration policy towards migrants.

Yusuf Asmar, owner of the pizzeria, remarked that Christian persecution in the region has reached Hitlerian levels:

“It feels extremely uncomfortable that this has come to Gothenburg, Sweden. There is no doubt that it is directed at me as a Christian and Assyrian… It feels like persecution of Jews in the 30s when Jews in Germany had Stars of David painted on its doors. Now it happens here”.

Under Swedish law, radical Islamists regularly cross the border without resistance leading to an unprecedented rise in rapeas a result.

This is the culture Barack Obama is bringing to the United States.

It isn’t “xenophobic” to expose the horror in Europe created by the migrant crisis.  As candidates like Ben Carson point out the inconvenient truth about Islamic doctrine, corporate controlled mainstream media waste their time with sophomoric name-calling as opposed to real solutions.

Donald Trump recently said that if he wins the general election the migrants will go back home.

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