There’s Nothing “Cool” or “Sexy” About Socialism

Rand Paul criticizes Bernie Sanders for socialist beliefs in recent interview.

Rand Paul denounced socialism in a recent interview with Buzzfeed, saying that Americans should be “wary” of the philosophy adopted by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders:

“I think it’s very important for Americans not to succumb to the notion that there’s anything sexy or cool about socialism,” the Kentucky senator said.

“Bernie’s a socialist and ultimately socialism relies on force or implied force and it’s, you know, wasn’t an accident that Stalin killed millions of people or Mao Zedong killed millions of people because you want to control the economy and you want to control ownership of things by the state. You have to forbid other people from owning parts of the economy or controlling parts of the economy.”

Paul expressed concern over who would pay for socialism in America:

“So I think it’s really important that people understand that there is no free lunch when Bernie offers you something for free. He’s going to take it from somebody else first and then all they’re doing is obscuring who pays for it, but ultimately somebody has to pay for things. And so if you want free college for those that go to college, those that don’t go to college and work will be paying for your college. So nothing’s really on the surface. What appears to be free isn’t free,”

While some European countries subscribe to “Democratic Socialism” and some wealthy nations can, in fact, get away with it for a period of time, the system begins to crumble when people become dependent. In America, the middle class would be drained of its wealth and the system would crash and burn.

Capitalism is a free exchange of thoughts and ideas, it’s based on a free market economy where individual success is rewarded as opposed to punished.

Bernie Sanders is making headway with young Americans because today’s system doesn’t resemble capitalism at all. As a result, he is leading people towards socialism instead of embracing free enterprise, which helped this country thrive in the roaring twenties and has since been dismantled in favor of modern day crony corporatism.

Populist rhetoric may pacify the uninformed, but people will soon understand that big government forcing people into bondage is incompatible with the U.S. constitution.

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  1. Socialism Always turns into dictatorial oppressive COMMUNISM ! Want to find out just give up your human right to protect yourself, family and property GUNS!

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