Feminists Call Cops On Journalists For Exercising Free Speech

Journalists escorted out of event for disagreeing with feminists, Breitbart reports.  

Lauren Southern and Milo Yiannopoulos were ejected from a feminist event Saturday for disagreeing with their propaganda.

Yannopoulous brought a film crew to the event and interviewed Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern about the feminist outcry against myths like “rape culture” and “slut-shaming”.  Prominent feminist and man-hater Amber Rose refused to answer questions from Southern and Yiannopoulous.  Instead, they immediately announced that they would call law enforcement if the journalists didn’t leave.

Organisers claimed the journalists and film crews were trespassing on a private event despite both Yiannopoulos and Southern having tickets.

When challenged, they then claimed that the filming equipment was the problem, despite dozens of revellers using iPhone equipment to record and broadcast the event.

When asked if Yiannopoulos and Southern could remain if they only used mobile phones, an organiser said yes, then no, then repeated that the police were en route to escort both reporters from the Slut Walk.

LAPD officers arrived within a few minutes, threatening arrest if Yiannopoulos and Southern did not immediately leave Pershing Square.  Source: Breitbart

Some feminists even tore up Yiannopolous’ sign which read “Rape Culture And Harry Potter: Both Fantasy”. and Lauren Southern’s “Regret is not Rape” sign.  Law enforcement, who witnessed both acts of vandalism, did nothing.

The message from social justice warriors was clear, either buy into hateful feminazi rhetoric or say goodbye to your freedom of speech.

Cultural marxists who fantasize about controlling language and culture would rather eradicate the 1st amendment than allow for intelligent debate.  They’re unknowingly falling directly into the establishment’s divide and conquer trap while the elite laugh all the way to the bank.

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