Peter Schiff: “Wait Until They See How Weak This Dollar Is Going To Get…”

Peter Schiff joins Alex Jones to talk the current state of the economy and his predictions on what’s coming next.  

As an economic collapse inches closer to reality, Peter Schiff joined the Alex Jones show today to talk about what to expect in the near future, the current state of the economy and more.

He said people “still think the economy is in great shape” despite empirical evidence indicating otherwise.

He later warned listeners of the bleak future of America’s job market, “wait until next year comes and we start losing jobs..” he said.  “This has never happened outside of a recession, you’ve never seen this unless we were in a recession”

Schiff is an American financial analyst, stockbroker, author, and one-time Senate candidate who accurately preicted housing and financial market activity leading up to the crash of 2008. It’s prudent to take his warnings seriously.

He later informed listeners about the dollar, saying that it will “go down for the count” despite it’s high expectations currently based on an eventual Fed rate hike that isn’t happening.

“Wait until they see how weak this dollar is going to get…” Schiff warned. “We have a bigger dollar bubble now than we had (in 2008).”

While the elites delay the crash they are subsequently making it worse. Get prepared by reading articles like this, websites like this, and experts like this.

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