86% of Planned Parenthood Revenue Comes From Abortions

Cecile Richards admits 86% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from abortions, lies about mammograms.  

During a House hearing today, Cecil Richards finally admitted that although abortions  account for just 3% of Planned Parenthood’s operations, they make up 86% of their revenue.

Nancy Pelosi attempted to divert the issue by calling for an investigation of CMP as opposed to Planned Parenthood despite the pro-life group breaking no laws.  Just as mainstream media demonized Edward Snowden for revealing the truth about illegal dragnet surveillance, the CMP is condemned by leftists for exposing the truth about organ harvesting.

The message from Pelosi was clear, conform to my worldview or I’ll revoke your right to free speech.

Our country is embracing perversion under the guise of political correctness.  Cultural marxists hide behind labels to justify their worldview by dismissing pro-life groups as “sexist” or pro-family advocates as “homophobic”.  They believe saying “I’m not racist” is racist but simultaneously defend Margaret Sanger who despised African Americans.

Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood to eliminate the African American population and her vision remains alive today thanks to corporate controlled brainwashing of the general public.

In addition, Cecil Richards was caught lying about Planned Parenthood’s mammogram services at the house hearing yesterday.  She claimed that PP did not provide mammograms, a direct contradiction to statements she made in an interview with HLN:

It’s always amusing when public figures lie on record.

The bottom line is CMP’s footage wasn’t doctored or edited, the audio and video evidence revealed PP officials were complicit in the sale of baby organ harvesting, a direct violation of federal law.

If you’re skeptical, watch the videos yourself:

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