Violence Escalates In Europe

Violence between Europeans and migrants escalates while mainstream media obsesses over Pope. 

The rate of violence is escalating in Europe as migrants flood the continent.

A refugee in a Danish refugee center near Copenhagen reportedly stabbed a police officer, the Washington Post says.

Infowars reports that migrants are assembling into gangs after entering Europe:

On Sunday in a tent city in the town of Kassel-Calden, north of Frankfurt, Germany, groups of Pakistani and Albanian migrants attacked each other.
“Between 60 and 70 people were involved. They attacked each other with clubs and threw things at each other,” a police spokesman reported, according to the Independent.
On Friday at an asylum center near Leipzig 200 Syrian and Afghan migrants attacked each other with table legs, bed frames and sticks following an argument over the use of a bathroom.
“The police have reached the absolute limit of what they can take,” said Jörg Radek, the deputy head of the German police trade union. “ We must do everything we can to prevent further outbreaks of violence.”

Just this month a German police officer said that a Muslim man attacked an Eritrean Christian and his pregnant wife with a bottle.

On the Greek Island of Lesbos earlier this month, 200 illegals attacked police and thew stones.  Furthermore, migrant camps recently underwent a rape epidemic according to this source.

Mainstream liberal media pushes that merely talking about this is “xenophobic”, but it would be irresponsible to ignore the harsh reality that Muslim immigrants, as evidenced by recent events, won’t be coalescing in western society anytime soon.

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