The Importance of Informed Consent

Evidence suggesting vaccines cause cancer and autism make informed consent more important than ever.  

In 1796 Edward Jenner introduced the first successful vaccine to the general public.  It eradicated smallpox and saved thousands of lives.  As technology and science began to progress, experts introduced other vaccines that eliminated polio and TB.

This philanthropic endeavor was soon hijacked by corrupt eugenicists as questionable chemicals and ingredients were eventually added to formerly operative antidotes.  As a result, informed consent became an important component of our freedom.

Consider the following before supporting mandatory vaccinations:

Multiple studies by top experts in the medical field have linked vaccines to autism, cancer and infertility in women.  Over 22 Medical Studies found a correlation between vaccines and autism.  SV40, a deadly carcinogen, was found in many vaccines and the CDC admitted that ingredients in the Polio vaccine caused cancer.

Children needed less than a dozen vaccinations to attend school 15 years ago.

That’s not the case anymore.

Despite concrete facts and mass skepticism, Kindergarten vaccinations are still administered at a record-high level.

Medical professionals directly profit from the sale of vaccines as a result of big pharma’s influence on the majority of doctors in the field.

According to PBS, you can still contract the same disease you were trying to avoid even after getting vaccinated leaving many to wonder, what’s the point?

As the health risks associated with vaccines are revealed, it’s paramount for the general public to vehemently defend their right to informed consent.  Remember to read the inserts before allowing a doctor to inject a foreign substance into your body and consent only after you’ve been sufficiently informed.

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