GMO Scientist Blows Whistle On “Misleading Studies”

Scientist says biotech giants use fake studies on GMO safety to intentionally mislead consumers.  

According to Dr. Jonathan Latham, Monsanto is using misleading information to prove its products are safe for consumption:

Some of my concerns with GMOs are “just” practical ones. I have read numerous GMO risk assessment applications. These are the documents that governments rely on to ‘prove’ their safety. Though these documents are quite long and quite complex, their length is misleading in that they primarily ask (and answer) trivial questions. Furthermore, the experiments described within them are often very inadequate and sloppily executed. Scientific controls are often missing, procedures and reagents are badly described, and the results are often ambiguous or uninterpretable. I do not believe that this ambiguity and apparent incompetence is accidental. It is common, for example, for multinational corporations, whose labs have the latest equipment, to use outdated methodologies. When the results show what the applicants want, nothing is said. But when the results are inconvenient, and raise red flags, they blame the limitations of the antiquated method. This bulletproof logic, in which applicants claim safety no matter what the data shows, or how badly the experiment was performed, is routine in formal GMO risk assessment.  Source

This is an obvious indictment of the processes used by biotech giants to test their products.

While Monsanto’s lobbyists bribe politicians in Washington, whistleblowers expose the danger of GMOs along with information you aren’t supposed to know.

Most pro-GMO advocates claim scientific evidence sufficiently proves GMOs are safe.

They’re naive.

Scientific studies on GMO foods are mired with intentionally distorted misinformation intended to sway the general public. Monsanto regularly constructs its own risk assessment of their own products, a clear conflict of interest.  They cannot be trusted to accurately disclose factual information on the safety of GMOs.

People who blindly accept what they’re told about Monsanto-sponsored “studies” are being mislead by biotech giants while unknowingly sacrificing their own health.

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