Muslim Kid Brings Bomb-Like Clock To School

Muslim kid suspended for bringing bomb-like clock to school, social justice warriors quickly blame “xenophobia”.  

Thank you to Paul Joseph Watson’s Twitter for the following images:

Barack Obama desperately jumped onto the politically correct train by inviting “clock boy” to visit the White House as a result of his suspension.  Of course, leftist media responded by worshiping their savior for his wonderful act of kindness despite the President ignoring similar instances of other wrongful suspensions.

Where is the White House invite for the student who received a similar punishment for wearing an American flag T-shirt?  Maybe it got lost in the mail, or maybe our President hates anything remotely American.

Apparently, it’s “cool” to blame everything on racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia, even if leftist zombies don’t actually understand what those words mean.  They’re quick to implicate “oppression” without thinking about the circumstances involved with each issue.

Real xenophobia is a Sikh man being violently beaten in Chicago for his faith, not a kid bringing a bomb-like clock to school near the anniversary of 9/11.

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