Rand Paul Campaign Strategist’s Pre-Debate Message

Doug Stafford’s message for Paul supporters prior to tonight’s debate.  

Tonight we’ve purchased advertising in Iowa and New Hampshire for the presidential debate. Our internal polling shows 85% of caucus and primary voters in these states will tune-in tonight.

This ad lays out Senator Paul’s debate game plan; the two big points he’ll maketonight.

1. He’s the candidate with the biggest, boldest tax and budget proposals. He’s the only candidate with a flat tax that would gut the IRS and eliminate special deals for Wall Street. He’s the only candidate who’s actually authored a plan to balance the budget that eliminates $500 billion IN ONE YEAR and abolishes cabinet departments. He understands no matter which party is in power, government and debt have grown – and he’ll fight them.

2. He’s the candidate who wants term limits to get rid of career politicians in both parties. He understands the Washington Machine has created a country run by lobbyists for special interests, and politicians in both parties let it happen. We need to require Congress to read the bills before they vote on them. Congress should live under the same laws the American people do.

Taxes, debt, and a corrupt culture in Washington is what animates the election. They’re the very issues that drive Rand Paul.

And it’s the message he will deliver tonight.

I’m expecting a debate filled with questions about identity politics and beaten-to-death social issues as opposed to real policy.  We need to talk about the issues that matter such as congress not reading the bills, term limits, the economic meltdown, the national debt, government corruption, dragnet surveillance and more.

I hope I’m wrong.

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