Muslim Migrants Raping Women And Children

Document revealed by top social welfare organization reveals migrants are raping women and children while forcing women into prostitution.  

The document, made public by the Landesfrauenrat Hessen, revealed that women and children at Camp Hessen were regularly being raped by Muslim “refugees”.  The document also proved that women walking alone were forced into prostitution.

This source translated key points from the document, which says the following:

“This is an open letter from a few big organizations to the government of Hessen (one of the 16 regional parts of Germany), it is about an internment facility in Hessen where they initially put the refugees for further processing. It mentions a lack of security for women and children, leading to rape, molestation and (reportedly but not verified) forced prostitution.

Mainstream media coverage of this is scarce, because it embarrasses the government of Hessen and it embarrasses Berlin.”

 This isn’t about hating Muslims, it’s about transcending propaganda and acknowledging the other side of the story. The refugees refusing food and water, the refugees cussing at locals, the refugees taking advantage of the crisis to get free government awarded benefits. Countries like Sweden and the U.K whose populace greatly opposes opening their borders.

It’s time to start thinking critically.

While mainstream media uses images of drowned children and dying mothers to gain public support for war with Syria, the true story of the migrant crisis isn’t being told.  The idea that we’re going to liberate Syria by bombing them is the same backwards logic George Bush used to invade Iraq.  The elite want perennial war to benefit the military industrial complex and they’re willing to use propaganda, even of the lowest moral form, to achieve their goal.

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