The Truth About The Migrant Crisis

Footage you won’t see on mainstream media shows migrants throwing rocks, cussing, rejecting food and water.  

While mainstream media uses propaganda to depict migrants as an oppressed group looking for refuge, video recently surfaced revealing footage of “refugees” throwing rocks and cussing at Hungarians.  More footage showed migrants refusing food and water,

Even more footage of “oppressed refugees”:

This article was not meant to disparage those genuinely looking for safety, but a large portion of Middle Eastern migrants are taking advantage of western culture to shout, throw rocks, and demonize locals .  This is the same group that Barack Obama wants to bring to our country.  The same President that advocates for an illegal government spying program in the name of “national security” is calling for flooding America with thousands of “refugees” despite obvious security risks.  ISIS is already assimilating with migrants to invade Europe and are ready to use similar tactics to invade the United States.  

As our government ships over 5,000 more of these people into the country by next year, don’t be surprised if an Obama-sponsored attack occurs on U.S soil as a result.  The globalists are clearly accelerating their efforts to create civil unrest in our own country and abroad.

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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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