Study Discredits Common Pro-GMO Argument

New study debunks argument that GMO foods aid in defeating world hunger better than organic solutions.  

According to this source, the Earth’s population will reach more than 9 billion by 2050.  As a result, GMO giants argue that genetically modified crops aid in the fight against world hunger, especially with a growing number of mouths to feed.

Not true.

A new study from Environmental Working Group debunked the argument and instead recommended sustainable solutions.

Feeding The World Without GMOs concluded that genetically engineered crops have done nothing to help grow more corn and soy.  An EWG researcher revealed that in two decades, the amount of corn and soy grown from GE crops equaled that of organic corn and soy grown from Western Europe or other regions where genetic modification is banned.

Furthermore, the report explained that GE crops did not improve global food security and increased the use of toxic herbicides, which contribute to the growth of mutated “superweeds” that spread to over 60 million acres of U.S farmland.

“Biotech companies and their customers in chemical agriculture have been attempting to sell the benefits of GMOs for two decades. Between exaggerated claims about feeding the world and a dramatic escalation in the use of toxic pesticides, it is no wonder consumers are increasingly skeptical.” _Gary Hirshblerg, chariman of Just Label It

This report further discredited the idea of GMO’s feeding the world:

“The alternative strategies of smarter resource use, improving the livelihoods of small farmers, reducing food waste and changing diets could double calorie availability and reduce the environmental burden of food production, all without relying on GE foods.”

Monsanto and other advocates for franken-foods believe they stand on the moral high-ground for pretending to care about poverty.  If they cared, they wouldn’t poison our food and sue organic farmers for arbitrary reasons.  In reality, it’s the people opposing GMO foods that actually concern themselves with feeding the world while protecting the planet from sickness.

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