Incredible List Of Things Feminists Whine About

Politically correct brigade finds everything “racist”, “sexist”, or “homophobic”. 

As the world crumbles around us, far-left social justice warriors continue to complain about non-issues.  The most unusual of which involves complimenting women, which feminists worldwide have deemed “sexist”.

Recently, a feminist lawyer who received commendation on Linked-In fired back by calling the man a “misogynist” for politely appreciating her profile picture.  The man was publicly shamed for his comment despite the lawyer regularly calling men “hot stuff” on the internet.

In another story, a female athlete from UNC stated that men who looked at her were engaging in misogynistic behavior.

I go to class. We are discussing Islam in modern society. I chime in. A neighbor, who identifies as male, leans over from across the aisle: “You can’t be pretty and smart.” He thinks he’s giving me a compliment. There is an awkward pause as he waits for me to meekly deny my sexuality. I do not comply. He turns away. I’m not sure he actually listened to anything I said.

She later claimed that it was difficult to be taken seriously in a world where males found her attractive.

Big deal.

This “woe is me” attitude only serves to intellectually handicap women and turn them into perpetually offended, brainless zombies.  As college students complain about being complimented, genuine women’s rights abuses committed domestically and abroad are ignored.

Furthermore, while perpetually offended, far-left social justice warriors claim everything is sexist they distract themselves from focusing on real issues like our economy marching towards collapse, poisonous vaccines being mandated for children and dragnet surveillance violating the 4th amendment.

It’s time to transcend the left/right, man/woman, black/white paradigm.  Radical feminism is funded by the world’s elite class in order to create division within society.  While we argue over what is and isn’t sexist they take our freedoms and laugh all the way to the bank.

Consider the following examples of crazy, third-wave radical feminists:

Killing Female Videogame Characters Is Rape:

Homosexual Men Are Sexist:

Men Play Videogames To Suppress Rape Urges:

Father’s Day is Offensive:

So, what side are you going to choose?  Feminist propaganda or reality?

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