Economic Meltdown: How To Prepare

Crisis guide illustrates how to prepare for the economic collapse.  

Today’s circumstances are eerily similar to what preceded the 2008 crash – and the next one is going to be worse.  Unemployment is at 20%, Bloomberg is reporting bad news on the bond market, and things aren’t getting better.  Now is the time to start formulating a plan for the collapse.

Infowars published an article detailing a step-by-step preparedness guide written by Brandon Smith that you can read here.  I’m going to highlight some key points from the writing however it’s supremely important for you to read the article yourself for a more detailed analysis.

Connect With Friends And Family:

Going the “lone wolf” route won’t work.  The more people you know and connect with, the more skills you’ll have to take advantage of.  Surviving together will require a solid, like-minded, cohesive group.  For example, an orchestra necessitates different instruments playing together to create music.  Similarly, interpersonal groups require individually designated roles to work together like an orchestra.

Approach Your Existing Community:

Smith made a great point about approaching your church, veterans’ hall, or other local organizations to guide people throughout your community.  These organizations typically reach a larger populace and getting them focused on preparedness could be a feasible method to disseminate information.  They might end up teaching classes about sustainability or even provide resources.  Approaching organizations could also be another way to connect and form a group of like-minded individuals.

Learn A Skill:

Whether it’s learning to shoot, learning to grow food, learning first aid, or learning self-defense, new skills will be paramount to survival in the post-collapse society.  One of the biggest dangers you will encounter will be other people who weren’t prepared.  They might attempt to steal food, water, and other necessities for their families so buying a rifle would be a smart decision.  Other beneficial skills include self-sustainability, food storage, and medical training.

Rifle Training:

Buy a rifle, learn to use it, and you’ll aid in protecting your resources, your life, and your family as a result.  In a world where people will be scrounging for food and water, your home could be an easy target for thieves.  Exercise your 2nd amendment right while you can, purchase a weapon, educate yourself and practice shooting during the week.  Not only is it a valuable skill, it’s fun!

Create A Communication Network:

Internet and cell phone reception won’t be available during a time of crisis.  As a result, buying a ham radio would be an affordable alternative – it’s cheap and easy to use.  The Infowars article recommends meeting with your family to set up emergency communications now, and I agree with the assertion.  It’s time.

Store A Plethora of Food:

You’ll need an excess of food reserves to last one year, maybe more.  Start learning about sustainability techniques and methods for growing food in your own backyard.  Being prepared is crucial as supermarkets and other food sources won’t be available post-collapse.  Don’t take the chance.  Check out some of these emergency food supplies and start thinking about potential storage options within your home.


It would be foolish not to prepare for the worst-case scenario even if it never comes to fruition.  Taking precautionary steps now will help you prepare for other potential disaster scenarios in the future, especially if your area is regularly affected by extreme weather conditions.  I urge you to start thinking about preparedness by studying resources like this and paying close attention to the economic climate.

Thank you to Infowars for this great article which discussed everything posted above in more detail.  Check it out when you can, and as always – stay vigilant!

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