Child Protects Home With Gun

Gun used to save innocent lives as 11-year-old protects home , kills intruder.  

An 11-year-old boy, who was alone last week in the St. Louis area with his 4-year-old sister, successfully protected himself when a home invader broke in.  The boy used a gun for protection and immediately shot the intruder.

What does this say about our right to bear arms?

While little boys shouldn’t be running around with hand guns, it’s important to recognize how a firearm was used in this situation and why this story deserves more publicity.  Firearm education is the key to curbing violence and this boy, as young as he was, knew how to handle his mother’s weapon and use it accordingly.  He used the survival instincts of an adult to protect his home and likely save innocent lives in the process.

If an 11-year-old can learn to properly use a gun then rational adults should as well.  Instead of responding to every mass shooting by attacking 2nd amendment rights, we ought to coerce our neighbors to take gun safety classes and subsequently learn to use firearms as a tool for protection against evil.

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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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