Feminists Silent On ISIS Owning Female Sex Slaves

Unsurprisingly, social justice warriors ignored ISIS’ recent document detailing their justification for raping and enslaving women.  

While feminists complain about air conditioning, ISIS released a statement on owning female sex slaves, CNN reports.

The disturbing statement read – “it is permissible to buy, sell or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property.”  (source).  Feminists, who claim to support the empowerment of women and gender equality, regularly demonize western male “patriarchy” while ignoring genuine women’s rights issues.

ISIS also justified the enslavement of young girls, even if they have not yet hit puberty.

Instead of freaking out over dinosaur movies, it might be beneficial for the feminist movement to refocus its efforts on speaking out against deplorable acts of violence against women abroad, who have been regularly maimed, raped, and herded like cattle.  Raising awareness of legitimate gender inequality, domestic or foreign, could provide aid for those desperately in need while helping to save lives in the process.

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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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