Edward Snowden Reveals Black Budget Programs

Could this be the result of spending 52.6 billion hard earned tax dollars?  

Collective Evolution reported multiple secret “Black Budget” programs revealed by Edward Snowden.

A large sum of unaccounted-for money has been spent on secretive programs. Congressional inquiries have noted billions, even trillions of dollars that have gone missing from the federal reserve system without explanation.  An attestation of a serious problem.

The Washington Post reported that one of the “Black Budget” programs included, among many others, an NSA hacking unit known as “Tailored Access Operations”.  Its function is to collect foreign intelligence about targets through hacking computers and stealing data. The program also tracks communications, and develops cyberattacks that permanently damage computers or entire networks. (source)

So, what has this program actually accomplished?  Not much, other than spend government money on secret spying for the sake of control.  Apparently, gathering information domestically while lying about it wasn’t enough.

We don’t know the true nature of many other programs funded by the budget, which has fueled speculation from independent media outlets.

Thank you to a reader for sending this news to me directly.

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  1. They claim all this security is for ‘safety’ yet tragedies keep happening. These programs don’t seem to be very effective. Snowden should be celebrated as an American hero for speaking up for the good of the people. He has informed us of what is really going on, and where our tax dollars are actually going. We are funding our own enslavement to government control.

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