‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey ~ A True Female Role Model

Ronda Rousey is an explosive powerhouse and one of the world’s greatest fighters. She epitomizes confidence, and hopes to instill a positive change in the way women and young girls view themselves.  

In modern day America, there are multitudes of women who have adopted a victim mentality, who don’t recognize their self worth. They lack self esteem due to media messages that define beauty, and set the bar for social acceptance.  Ronda Rousey proves exactly how strong women can be.

Ronda exemplifies a “never say die attitude”. She demonstrates the moral values of a champion:  Dedication, courage, strength and the belief that one can accomplish anything.

Rousey trains with a “black belt mentality” always striving to be a better version of herself.  The main issue with many American women of today is, we tend to feel as if we are in constant competition with each other. When in reality, we are only in competition with ourselves.

Pop stars, silver screen starlets and reality divas, are idolized by young girls.  These “icons” only push the sexuality of women. Rousey, on the other hand, shows how incredibly strong (mentally and physically) all women can be. During an interview, she once stated that she was vehemently against Kim Kardashian’s status as a role model. She explained that someone needs to step up and be a true role model. Young girls can learn a lot from her power, sacrifice and perseverance.  She is the essence of true female empowerment.

Her confidence was not entirely self imposed. Her mother challenged her to be the best, constantly pushing her limits. Ronda was never handed anything, she has been beaten down, broken and damaged. But that never stopped her, she knows her worth and she puts her heart into everything she does. Demonstrating a value more people need: AMBITION.

Not just women, but all people can learn from Ronda Rousey and gain true self empowerment.

Never forget how valuable you truly are!
“Be proud of your goals.
Be proud of the things you love.
Be proud of your vision.
Be proud of your hard work.
Be proud of the struggles you had to overcome.
Be proud of everything you’ve accomplished.
Be proud of the body you built for YOU, not for someone else’s approval.
Be proud of the person you’ve become – because you EARNED it. ”

~Heather Mangin
Tonight, you can watch a truly hard working woman pursue her passion and demonstrate what real self worth is about.  Ronda Rousey believes that she can do anything.  Guess what, so can you!

Make sure you tune in to see the champion of confidence tonight at UFC 190.

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