The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind

In this documentary, Mike Maloney explains how the economic system in America works, and why it is doomed to fail. Maloney does a wonderful job of explaining America’s grim financial outlook in simple terms, using easy to understand audio and video to tell the story.

If you are struggling to understand how the Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air, would like to know what the national debt means, or why people are talking about an eventual collapse, this is the perfect documentary for you.

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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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